Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Today I thought it would be a good idea to introduce you properly to our little Nutshells. Our company is called Nutcrafters, and we have stretched the 'Nut' theme to our stamps too. Each of the Nutshell characters have been named after a Nut, well almost. I think I heard the other day that a Coconut is a seed, but the nut part is there in the name - right! ;)

We are also sponsoring A Spoon Full of Sugar today, and the prize is a NEW Summer Nutshell. Be sure to head their way and have a go, or just to have a sneaky peak at the prize!
I will hopefully be back later today with another new card, Thanks for stopping by, Katie.


  1. Aww love their names, I'll look forward to using them even more now I've been introduced properly! LOL

    Jan xx

  2. Aww they are all fab and i love their names - especially tash!
    love tasha xx

  3. Hi Girls, met you at the Corn Exchange on Saturday and fell in love with your stamps and flowers and everything.... I bought Tash and Golfer Al, also a Sarah Kay (which I have loved since I was a wee girl). Also bought loads of flowers, your can see all on my blog. I will be having more you can bet on it. Hugs Avril xxx

  4. Just adorable! I love their happy faces!
    Thanks for the proper introduction! :)
    blessings, Maria

  5. These images are just too cute, I love everything about them:-) Good luck with your new line:-)
    XMichele SperaX

  6. Super cute images. What fun to name them after nuts! So cute. Can't wait to create some cards with this bowl of nuts.

  7. I'll be sure to play along for a chance to win the cute image!