Friday, 17 July 2009


I am getting very forgetful in my old age! Last week we set up a poll in our side bar and I have totally forgotten to mention it.

The poll is to see whether Coco should keep her glasses?

Coco is based on our very own Colette, who wears her glasses almost everyday, and seem part of who she is. Hence when I created Coco, the glasses seemed and obvious choice.

Colette's Mum however is not as keen, and asked "Can't you be drawn without your glasses?"

So we put it to a vote, if you have the time please vote and tell us what you think.

Now to a few DT cards to hopefully give you some Inspiration for the crafting weekend ahead!


Thanks for stopping by, Katie.


  1. Hi Girls I think she should keep her glasses it makes her unique. I vote yes to keeping them

  2. Fabulous line up by the DT!!!

    I also voted for her to keep her glasses as I too think it makes her unique. :D

  3. I vote "Keep the Glasses". Hugs Avril xxx